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Writings by Dr. James H. Turnock, Jr.

 Famous Writers School Course Writings
Some Things Are Best Forgotten October 14, 1961
Norman Rockwell- Small Problems Can Make Big Problems Small November 27, 1961
Reasons For Studying Writing November 27, 1961
The Threshold of Space ~December 17, 1961
The Deserted House ~January 28, 1962
The Abandoned Baby Carriage February 10, 1962
Mother Arrives? October 2, 1962
A Trip To Thule Not Dated
 B-29 Missions
Mission 1 (incomplete) Not Dated
Mission 2 (incomplete) Not Dated
Mission 3 Not Dated
Mission 4 (incomplete) Not Dated
Mission 5 Not Dated
Mission 6 (incomplete) Not Dated
 Other Non Fiction
Report on Antartica Trip for NASA (Word Document) ~ 1968
Computers in Manned Space Flight article (JPGs)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Not Dated
Personal Experience Summary ~1980
Letter to Mother-In-Law About Wedding (JPG)
Page 1
Page 2
November 30, 1942
Letter to Mother About Wedding (JPG)
Page 1
December 1, 1942
Wife's Letter to Mother About Wedding (JPG)
Page 1
Page 2
Saturday in November 1942
Letter to Daughter from North Pole (JPG)
April, 1953
Letter to Daughter from South Pole (JPG)
January, 1969
Husband and Wife (74k) 1943
Rudolph B-29 and Crew (98k) Not Dated
Family Portrait in Newfoundland (35k) Not Dated

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